Development Plan Of Ethylene And Synthetic Resin In China

- Apr 27, 2017 -

Oil refining and ethylene industry is the core of petroleum and chemical industry, the future development trend of oil refining industry is mainly to adjust the structure, and improve the efficiency of oil refining; the petrochemical industry is mainly to increase the total amount of ethylene, the formation of a number of internationally competitive world-class ethylene production base, and increase the proportion of synthetic resin the polyolefin is represented in three synthetic materials, accelerate the development of synthetic fiber raw materials and monomers. Seize the opportunity of the development of China's petrochemical products, accelerate the development of ethylene industry will be the focus of the future for a long time. In the existing domestic large-scale ethylene plant to accomplish the two round of technological transformation, to the scale, level of technology and energy saving has improved at the same time, accelerate the construction of large-scale joint-venture ethylene project progress, make Shanghai BP / AMOCO, BASF, Yangtze petroleum Shell three sets of large ethylene project in the "fifteen" period basically completed. From the perspective of long-term development, refining and ethylene industry will focus on the development of large-scale, and base model, will promote the integration of oil refining and chemical integration and integration strategy. With regard to the downstream petrochemical products of ethylene, synthetic resin is one of the most prominent varieties with high demand, rapid growth, high import and the contradiction between supply and demand. Polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, ABS resin are the rapid development of the future varieties. In order to speed up the development, combined with the transformation and construction of ethylene plant, can be wholly owned, joint venture to attract private enterprises and foreign investors to participate in the construction of these projects. In addition, the varieties of synthetic resin are adjusted, and the proportion of special resin is increased, so as to achieve the diversification, specialization and serialization of synthetic resin. Due to the rapid development of textile and garment industry, large scale terephthalic acid (PTA), acrylonitrile and polyester devices will be rapid development, a small number of competitive small polyester devices will withdraw from the competition in the market. Ethylene glycol, phenol, acetone, propylene oxide, acrylic acid and other organic raw material products with greater gap, on the one hand is to strengthen the technology, improve the technological level and production capacity expansion; on the other hand, focus on the construction of a number of large-scale equipment, to reduce production costs.