Synthetic Resin Consumption Will Continue To Grow

- Apr 27, 2017 -

From the current point of view, the synthetic resin industry by the supply, import and consumption of the common role of the new industry is improving, domestic consumption will become the driving force of consumption growth." In April 20th, the petrochemical industry restructuring and development of the futures market and the forum, China Chemical Industry Federation Director Zhu Fang, market information and made the above judgment.

It is understood that the five synthetic resins for polyethylene resin, polypropylene resin, polyvinyl chloride resin, ABS resin, polystyrene resin. The first three varieties according to the Dalian Commodity Exchange listed, from 2005 to 2016, the domestic synthetic resin production is growing very fast, from 2 tons to 8.2 tons has been growing, the current consumption exceeded 1 tons, and the global trend is consistent.

From the three main varieties of polyethylene resin consumption, mainly used in packaging products, including film, blow molding, rotational molding and coating, etc.; polypropylene resin is mainly used for molding and film products; consumer products based on hard PVC resin, wherein the maximum consumption of pipes and fittings.

According to Zhu Fang analysis, from the current point of view, synthetic resin domestic downstream demand is facing great opportunities. One is the development of the Internet, electricity demand for the rapid growth of packaging film; two is the quality of modern agricultural production, agricultural film demand rapid growth; three is our country in a long period of time will continue to maintain China manufacturing status, exports will continue to grow for the film needs; four is the new materials, high-end consumer goods demand for high-end membrane materials will increase rapidly; five is to usher in the development of alternative building materials, alternative materials engineering.

Zhu Fang also said that in the future the market still needs to pay attention to the downstream changes, so as to adjust the marketing strategy. First, there is uncertainty in oil prices, in a longer period of time will affect the price of synthetic resin. Two is due to the light of raw materials, ethylene, propylene raw material structure changes, the amount of light raw materials increased. Three is the Middle East low-cost raw materials will affect the domestic market.