What Is The Role Of A- Methyl Styrene?

- Apr 27, 2017 -

A-methylstyrene (a -Methyl Styrene) alias phenyl propylene or phenyl isopropenyl CAS number 98-83-9 in appearance is a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid, as a monomer and fine chemical raw material widely used in synthetic polymer and essence.

The heat resistance of ABS resin can be improved by the introduction of a- methyl styrene or N- phenyl maleimide. Under the condition of not reducing the other properties of ABS, adding 1%N- phenyl maleimide to ABS can improve the thermal deformation temperature by 2-3.

In the production process of PVC resin, through the use of alpha methyl styrene, completely self polymerization of VC gas recovery system was terminated, solve the monomer, recycling pipeline and low boiling tower distillation in VC induced initiator monomer to produce the autopolymer problem.